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I thought only youth football player screwed up the coin toss, but I was wrong it happens in Division I College football too. In this years Nebraska Missouri game, a game matching two Top 20 teams, it happened. Nebraska won the toss, yet ended up kicking off to start both halves of the game. “That wasn’t by choice,” NU coach Bo Pelini said. “Our captains made a little mistake.” Nebraska sent Prince Amukamara, Roy Helu, Mathew May and Keith Williams to midfield before the game. The Huskers won the toss. But instead of opting to defer, as instructed, they said Nebraska wanted to kick. “For me, the day started pretty bad,” Pelini said. “That was what I was greeted with today when I walked on to the sideline – that we were going to kick off to start both halves. I take responsibility for that because obviously I didn’t give instruction well enough.”


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In youth football, I always practice the flip with my captains. Only 1 player is allowed to speak to the referees. He is instructed to only say the following- we want the ball. If we win the toss, we want the ball, if we lose the toss, we want the ball. Even if the referee says he can’t have the ball, we tell our spokesman to say “We want the ball.” Only after the referees tells him for the second time we can’t have the ball, the player looks over to me and I will instruct him on which end we will defend. After all of these instructions, we actually practice the coin flip, who calls it and what our designated spokesman will say to the referee.


I talked to the referee crew last week about the Nebraska- Missouri coin flip fiasco and asked them if they had reffed any games where something like that happened. All 4 guys said “All the time.” One referee even talked about a High School State Championship game he worked where a team blew the coin toss, even after he asked them, “Are you SURE that’s what you want to do?” Practice the coin flip when you are coaching youth football, because if your kids blow it, it is on you. It can easily be the game, especially when you factor in most of us play only 10 minute quarter games. Most fiascos can be avoided by being pro-active, that goes double for youth football coaching.

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Lose a game because you didn’t properly coach your kids on the coin flip? I’ve seen it happen twice. How does this happen? Team A wins the toss and defers, team B since they lost the toss tells the referee they want to defend the south goal since their coach told them to defend the south goal if they lost the coin toss. Team A receives the ball the first half and since team A deferred their choice to the second half, when the second half starts, team A will choose to receive the ball again. Team A will have gained an additional possession due to poor coaching on the part of the head coach of Team B. I have seen this happen in a handful of games because team B’s coach didn’t take the time to practice the coin flip, ther team did not respond properly to the “defer” choice. How do you make sure this does not happen to your youth football team? First start by making sure the group of captains you send out to call the flip includes one player that is pretty sharp. Designate that sharp player as the one that calls the coin flip and speaks for the team at the flip and practice the coin flip with him. Some youth football players freeze up at the coin flip because it is something new to them, the flip has to be practiced just like you practice your football plays.

Ask the player to call the flip, he has to know if he is going to call heads or tails before he walks out on the field. Once he calls the flip, flip the coin and assume the flip is good. The player then instructs the referee if he either wants to receive, defend a goal or defer his choice to the second half. If deferring, the player needs to know which endzone you want to defend to start the game with. Then you go through the process if he loses the flip and the other team chooses first. Again, they will have the choice to receive, defend a goal or defer. The simplest way to cover all the bases is to instruct your designated speaker to tell the referee that you want the ball, no matter how the flip turns out, have the player tell the referee “we want the ball”. We instruct our players that they must tell the referee “we want the ball” in response to any referee question during the flip. Only after the referee has asked and been answered three times that “we want the ball” can we answer with which goal we want to defend.

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We always receive if we win the coin toss. Youth football is a game where the team that scores first has quite a bit of an advantage in momentum, we also want to control the clock and set the tempo for the entire game on offense. With just 10 minute quarters in most youth football games, each possession and each tick of the clock are that more meaningful. If we lose the coin toss, we don’t wait for the wind in the fourth quarter, we want to put the game out of reach early so we take the wind right off the bat to put the other teams offense at an immediate disadvantage. Good youth football coaching includes managing your game day well and nothing is worse than blowing the opening coin toss. Practice it like you do your football plays and you won’t be embarrassed by giving up two possessions on the opening flip. Remember, like most mistakes at this level, it’s all on the coach and preparation.

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Do you have difficulty in finding the perfect gift for the football fan in your life? Well look no further, because we have some great football fan gift ideas. Buying a team t-shirt or sweatshirt is a nice gift, but its not special. I want to give you some special or unique sports collectable items. Their Favorite Team, Who is their favorite football team? This is the starting point towards finding a perfect sport fan gift. Many times a man may like two teams. For instance they may have a favorite college football and NFL team. If this is the case, then you would have multiplied the number of potential football merchandise items. The selection of a football gift is twofold. One you want to select the correct team. Second you want the item to be useful and it can be displayed. I will assume you have the correct team, so let’s go with useful part of selection process.

Here are two perfect sports fan gift ideas: Glassware and Team Rugs. Glassware is one best gifts since accomplishes both usefulness and it can be displayed. Guys enjoy drinking their favorite beverage from a glass with their favorite team logo. If they start winning games when they use this new glass it could be his new go to glass when his team plays. Men can be very superstitious when it comes to winning and losing. As the Budweiser commercial says, “it is only strange if they lose.” An NFL logo team rug is an excellent gift for any sports fan, young or old. If it is for a child it will look great in his bedroom. If it for someone older it can be used in the college dorm room or an office. I know over the years I have seen many team rugs in professional style offices. NFL or college team rugs make a true statement and this makes an excellent sports merchandise gift.

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The Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl 48 and the Florida State Seminoles won the last BCS Championship. Do not buy a t-shirt from the championship team. Reason is simple. They probably bought the t-shirt themselves and they do not need another one. Go with something special like a Seattle Seahawks team photo celebrating the victory. A football collectible would a Super Bowl 48 Championship coin which can be proudly displayed on his office desk. Winning the final BCS Championship was historic because it is finally the last BCS Championship game. I will not get into the mess the BCS created over the years, but Florida State Seminoles won the college football championship. A championship area rug or welcome mat makes a great football gift because it is something that is useful. Gifts that are useful or can be displayed prominently are usually the best.

Any championship team’s items from past years would be a great idea. It also gives that football fan to recall watching the game with friends and family. This makes gifts special, as they help people recall a great moment in time. There you have several great sports fan gift ideas for any football fan. It is not hard to find that great NFL or college merchandise. Do a little research regarding the team and if they won a championship or two. After that you can target the items mentioned in this article: Team Pictures, glassware, rugs or Super Bowl coins. All of these are great items any football fan would enjoy.